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A Tribute to Debby Obstarczyk

P&A Group, Retirement Plan Services

How do you truly adequately put into words the entirety of someone’s life and the imprint they’ve left behind?  You don’t, but you can try. Debby Obstarczyk (left) and Jen Boyne (right) Debby Obstarczyk, Manager of P&A Group Retirement Plan Services since 1995 , was the kind of person who you wanted to be around…

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Buffalo, the Queen City

A Word from Joe Priselac, P&A Group

  Buffalo, N.Y. Recently we were asked to name one positive thing about running a business in Western New York- one question that was a part of a larger survey presented to local businesses here in Buffalo.  It didn’t take us long to come up with a sizable list of reasons why we like being…

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Happy Holidays and a Bright New Year

A Word from Joe Priselac

This time of year, holiday greetings and salutations are plentiful.  And, for good reason.  It’s the season for sending well wishes and joyous messages, for reflecting on the past year, and for looking ahead to what the New Year may bring. 2015 was a year of continual growth and change.  P&A celebrated being 40 years…

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2016 Changes to Pre-Tax Transit Plans: Q&A

Commuter Benefits

New transit rules going into effect in some regions on January 1, 2016, may impact your pre-tax Commuter Plan. Q: What are the changes to the rules for mass transit plans? A: The IRS issued 2014-32, click here. The most significant change to commuter plans is that employers may no longer provide cash reimbursements for…

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Technology As an Enhancement, Not As a Replacement

P&A Group

As technology grows, we do our best to grow with it.  That means adapting to new mobile advancements and increasing our digital and online capabilities for our participants and clients alike.  Here’s a quick recap of some of the technology we’ve added and how it fits into P&A’s customer service model. Mobile Website Over the…

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