Core Values

Our Core Values

P&A Group has built our legacy on providing the highest level of service in the design, administration, and support of all facets of employee benefits plans. Our core values guide our daily efforts to provide unwavering commitment as we deliver on our promises to our customers and employees.


  • Customer Focus – The customer comes first.
  • People – People are the reason why we do what we do – We want everyone, employees and customers, to feel like family.
  • Commitment – We are unwavering in our support of our customers and dedication to our employees.
  • Communication – Open and honest communication is how we share ideas and knowledge to better support each other.
  • Accountability – We own both our successes and mistakes.
  • Integrity – We act with integrity, honesty and focus on walking in the shoes of others.
  • Innovation – We harness our creativity to overcome obstacles and achieve our objectives.
  • Collaboration – We achieve more by working together.
  • Inclusion – We bring our authentic selves to work every day, act with empathy, and, most importantly, we respect each other’s differences.