Billing Solutions


Time is money — so it doesn’t always make sense for your team to spend countless hours managing employee benefit bills each month. P&A will alleviate all of your billing obstacles with our comprehensive suite of billing options. Whether you’re in need of retiree billing, direct billing, LOA billing or association billing, P&A has the solution for you. With over 30 years of administrative experience, we can help you design a customized billing process that offloads your administrative burden and the liability that accompanies billing obligations.

Billing Services

We offer completely customizable billing solutions including:

  • Integrated Billing
  • Retiree Billing
  • Benefits Administration
  • Association Billing

Multiple Billing Cycles

Not every billing cycle is the same. P&A accommodates multiple billing cycles including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annually.


Electronic Carrier Interface

With our advanced technology, P&A provides on time and accurate payments to all of your insurance carriers.

Premium Remittance to Employers

Premiums collected from participants are transferred by ACH or check to the employer on a monthly basis representing the payments received to date. A remittance report captures those payments for the employer’s reconciliation between what has been collected and what needs to be paid to the carrier(s).


Customized Premium Invoice

P&A’s customized invoices are created to capture your plan’s unique requirements and communicate clear and concise instructions to recipients.

Late Payment Notification to Employees/Retirees

Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we miss an important payment date.  P&A sends late payment notifications to your employees/retirees and provides a reminder to make a payment before coverage is cancelled.


Payment Options

P&A provides easy payment options for continuants, which helps eliminate questions to your HR/benefits department. Our payment options include:

  • ACH withdrawal (make a one-time payment or set up automatic withdrawal)
  • Self-service IVR (make a payment over the phone)
  • Mail a check to P&A Group

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