With P&A’s recordkeeping services, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that more is better. More choices, more flexibility, more solutions.

Investment Recordkeeping

Investment recordkeeping can be described as the “engine” of the retirement plan, where all the activity associated with tracking participant account activity occurs – like contributions, balances and investment allocations. As a recordkeeper, it’s our job to communicate with participants and plan sponsors through quarterly account statements, user-friendly websites and toll-free service lines. Additionally, participants must have access to real-time account/plan information and the ability to make changes to their investments and model loans.


P&A Retirement Plan Services is an independent recordkeeper. This means:

  • We are not affiliated with any investment company and we do not maintain any proprietary investments.
  • We do not accept behind-the-scenes or undisclosed revenue from any investment company. All of our dealings with investment companies are done openly and for the benefit of the Plan.
  • We will work with the TPA of your choice.


P&A Retirement Plan Services is a flexible recordkeeper that provides a unique plan setup that’s not cookie cutter. Our services include helpful features that afford more convenience for you, including:

  • Paperless online enrollments and educational materials
  • Paperless loan and distribution processing
  • The ability for advisors to create pre-allocated model portfolios
  • The ability to customize the look of your participant website
  • The ability to hold and trade publicly traded company stock

Open Architecture

P&A Retirement Plan Services is an open architecture recordkeeper. We’re your plan’s gateway to literally thousands of mutual funds, Collective Investment Funds (CIFs) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Unlike others called “open architecture” recordkeeping platforms, P&A does not place artificial restrictions on the mutual fund families or fund share classes that we make available to our plan sponsors. Subject only to the fund’s minimum requirements, P&A provides sponsors and their advisors access to the very best investments in each asset class. Add ETFs and CIFs to the mix, and the investment possibilities are almost endless.

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