Advisor Services


In the rapidly evolving retirement plan industry, you expect your retirement plan service provider to be leading the way, not trailing the pack. That’s why P&A Group devotes a significant amount of time and resources to staying up to date with the latest technologies and innovative client service platforms to help you build and preserve your retirement plan business.

If your client already sponsors a retirement plan, it’s a smart idea to periodically review the plan design. In our experience, this process sometimes reveals opportunities to improve the existing plan or even take a fresh look at alternative programs.

Honesty & Expertise

At P&A Group, we’re here to give you independent, honest, sound advice. We won’t advise a new plan unless it’s absolutely beneficial. We’ll help you determine whether your current plan is aligned with your client’s goals or if it could benefit by adopting new or different plan design features.

We strive to add true value to our relationship. Whether it’s our expertise in administration and compliance services, our open architecture record-keeping platform, or the dedication of our experienced, responsive plan design consultants, you’ll quickly learn that P&A Group is the kind of firm you’ll want to partner with long term.

Advisor Support

You can count on P&A Group to provide:

  • Prospecting and lead generation.
  • Assistance in evaluating vendors.
  • Plan illustrations.
  • Proposal collaboration. implementation support — client presentations and enrollment meetings.
  • Participant education and communications.
  • Investment screening tools.


Advisor Website “Dashboard”

View a summary of all of your plans in one convenient spot. Features include:

  • Summary page aggregating all of your plans
  • Drill down for plan level detail
  • View and make changes to your model portfolios
  • Search for participants


Build Customized Model Portfolios

Construct your own pre-allocated model portfolios using Mutual Funds, ETFs, CIFs or any combination of the three. Models can be unitized (larger plans) or non-unitized and additional management fees can be assigned to each model.


Paperless Online Enrollment Capabilities with Video Guidance

Remove the need for paper enrollment books and forms by using our five-step enrollment process.


P&A Financial Resource Center

Smartly designed, P&A’s Financial Resource Center is a single source of financial information for all age groups, featuring P&A’s most popular and valuable financial content. Financial content is logically arranged by age groups, so it’s easier than ever to access the information you need. Topics include estate planning, financial planning, retirement planning, investing, income tax and gift tax.

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