Privacy Policy

At THE P&A GROUP, we know how important it is to keep your personal information secure. THE P&A GROUP is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information we receive from our customers and web site users. We have privacy protections built into every aspect of our business operations, including our Web-based services. This statement is designed to disclose our privacy strategy.

THE P&A GROUP limits the information collected about you to what is needed for conducting business. For example, when we provide services to you on behalf of your employer, we may collect information such as demographic, payroll, banking, and insurance data. We may use this information to process transactions, respond to inquiries from you or your representative, or to fulfill other administrative requirements. Failure to provide requested information limits access to the features and services offered by this site.

Technical and navigational information, such as browser type, Internet protocol address, screens viewed, and average session length, may be collected and used to improve our Web design and functionality. This data is used only in aggregate and does not reveal individual details about users of our site.

Protection of your data is a core component of our service to you. THE P&A GROUP’ information protection controls are maintained in accordance with industry standards and practices, and we adapt our physical, electronic, and procedural controls to meet changing requirements and advances in technology.

THE P&A GROUP restricts access to information to those individuals in our organization who require that access in order to provide products and services to you. Our associates are educated regarding their responsibility to protect your privacy utilizing clear guidelines.

THE P&A GROUP shares collected information with outside parties only as required (1) by law or legal order, or (2) to fulfill our contracted administrative duties. For example, THE P&A GROUP provides enrollment services that require transmitting collected demographic, payroll, and insurance data to the employer and applicable insurance carrier(s). Information collected will not be distributed or shared with any entity for marketing purposes or for any other purpose outside the scope of our business requirements.

This site may contain links to other web sites. THE P&A GROUP is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these other web sites. Users should check the policy statement of the other sites to understand their policies. It is the responsibility of the user to keep personal information private and confidential.

If you are a former customer of THE P&A GROUP, your information is treated in the same manner as the information of current customers.

THE P&A GROUP utilizes proven methods to maintain the security of your information during your use of our services. Highlights of our security include:

  • Internal firewalls Security audits and assessments
  • Secure Socket Layers 3.0 (128-bit data encryption)
  • User-level security controls
  • THE P&A GROUP offers several options for accessing your account information, including Web access, automated telephone service, customer service representative, mail, and e-mail. Specific addresses and telephone numbers are listed on your statements and other correspondence.