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At P&A Group, we strive to be the most service-oriented, accessible, customer-focused third-party benefits administrator in the industry.

Company History


Priselac & Associates is founded by Joseph Priselac.


Michael Rizzo, P&A’s President, joins P&A and partners with Joe Priselac.


The IRS begins writing code for tax-saving welfare plans; P&A starts to administer cafeteria plans.


Joseph Priselac attends an industry conference in San Antonio, Texas, where Section 125 plans are first introduced to employee benefit leaders. P&A launches Section 125 Plan administration services.


P&A is endorsed by the New York State United Teachers Union (NYSUT).


Rob Lee, ERISA Counsel, joins P&A.


P&A creates a proprietary administration system for Group Insurance administration.


With reimbursement accounts becoming more popular, P&A integrates debit card technology and partners with Alegeus Technology.


P&A creates a proprietary administration system for reimbursement accounts.


P&A Retirement Plan Services begins offering a daily valuation recordkeeping platform.


P&A goes national and offers products and services to employers across the country.


P&A launches a Health Savings Account product.


P&A issues over 200,000 debit cards to participants in reimbursement plans.


P&A expands product offering by launching its own Lifestyle Reimbursement Account.


P&A launches a new HSA platform, WealthCare Saver, with new investment options, real-time trading and fractional trading.


P&A releases a new HSA mobile app for HSA participants, designed to help participants meet their healthcare goals and invest in their future.


HR Connect, P&A's employer portal, is upgraded with a smart new layout and user-friendly interface.


Two-factor authentication (2FA) is added to P&A's MyBenefits participant portal.


P&A releases MyBenefits, a new mobile app for reimbursement account holders and COBRA continuants. The app features a new look and layout, designed to improve the user experience.


Most companies realize a happy, healthy employee is a good employee. Unfortunately, for most employers, this is easier said than done. The task of administering employee benefits has become increasingly more crucial toward your company’s success, yet the process is more complex and time-consuming than ever. At P&A Group, we specialize in customized, creative solutions that benefit employers and employees alike.

Since 1975, we’ve provided the highest quality assistance in the design, administration, and communication of a wide range of employee benefits plans, compensation plans, and retirement and investment services. We do so by striving to deliver the highest level of service to our clients at a competitive cost. And, we utilize the latest technologies to help people manage their benefits quickly and conveniently while also helping companies contain costs and increase productivity.

We believe you’ll find working with P&A Group to be a satisfying and refreshing experience. To learn more, contact us to discuss a benefits program administered around you.

What We Are Today

P&A continues to be a leader in employee benefits administration. Our personalized service and vast experience creates an outstanding service model for employers and employees. The combination of technology, skill and quality service remain the pillars of our foundation and success in delivering the best in employee benefits to our clients.

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For the last several years, P&A Group has been an absolute joy and pleasure to work and partner with…you will not be disappointed if they are selected to be your new vendor for COBRA/FSA.

Tondalaya Johnson
Baltimore Public Schools System

Our sincere thanks and appreciation for the way your team jumped in to rescue us from a very hard position. Your team was so responsive and got things moving very quickly such that our employees were spared much of an inconvenience in the expedited and unexpected transition from our previous provider... we feel we have really made a great decision to partner with P&A!

Michael Trueblood
Karsten Manufacturing Corp.

The team is quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Very timely in their process. Great customer service. It has been a pleasure working with the team.

Kerri Smith
Urban Grid Solar Projects

Very easy transition. P&A has been very helpful, and the level of personal contact is wonderful.

Coleen Faytek
Amatech, Inc.

Excellent.. Jessica is cool and clear! I love the speed.

Madhava Krishna

Sandra was excellent, she answered all my questions in simple and very understandable sentences. I wish more companies had customer service agents like her.

Zari Valenzuela

Samantha was very helpful, responded quickly and was concise. Made everything so simple! Thank you.

Linda Martin
County of Placer