Lifestyle Reimbursement Account

Lifestyle Reimbursement Account

Design a unique benefit plan that reimburses everything from wellness expenses, gym memberships, equipment and workout classes, to financial and educational wellness expenses.


Reimburse Physical, Financial and/or Educational Well-Being Expenses

Enhance your benefits offering with a Lifestyle Account, an employer-funded  account that provides employees funds to use for specified expenses. With a Lifestyle Account, an employer can create a custom benefit that is aligned with its strategic business goals and objectives.


Lifestyle Account Benefits

  • Help improve employees’ overall well-being and reduce the organization’s healthcare costs
  • Boost the benefits portfolio offering and increase employee retention as well strengthen talent acquisition efforts
  • Promote a holistic and healthier lifestyle for employees and demonstrate to employees their employer is invested in their overall well-being

of employees said having customized benefits increases their loyalty to employers.*


of workers intending to leave their job would stay if they had more/better benefits, second to higher salary at 49%.*


of employees say having non-traditional benefits would reduce their stress.*


Stats & Figures

Research shows key findings of how employers are using wellness plans to meet workplace needs and growing demands for more well-being focused benefits.

Creating a Lifestyle Reimbursement Account

See how a Lifestyle Plan can help your organization.

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