COBRA Administration


COBRA administration is highly technical and complex and, with rules changing frequently, it can be difficult for employers to fully understand their responsibilities. With P&A’s COBRA administration service, we ease your burden and completely manage the process for you.

Why Outsource to P&A

  • P&A assumes 100% of your liability and guarantees compliance with all federal regulations.
  • No matter where you’re located, our team works regularly with all major insurers and efficiently handles all billing and collecting of premiums.
  • P&A can integrate with your HRIS system, making the administration process even easier for you.
  • If you’re switching COBRA vendors, we can take over the administrative role for your current COBRA participants.



Blanket Initial Notices
Select this optional service to help ensure your company is fully compliant with COBRA regulations.  Initial notices are sent by first class mail to your employees’ homes, outlining their rights and responsibilities under COBRA.


Qualifying Event Notices
Notify P&A when a Qualifying Event occurs with an employee (also known as a Qualified Beneficiary) and we’ll completely handle the COBRA process from there.

Transmitting Files

Flexibility for our clients is a top priority. That’s why we offer different ways to submit files and make it as convenient as possible for you. Upload files securely through our HR Connect web portal, or submit files through a secure FTP site. We can even accommodate other transmittal options, including Excel spreadsheets and yes, even fax.


Payment Options

P&A provides easy payment options for continuants, which helps eliminate questions to your HR/benefits department. Our payment options include:

  • ACH withdrawal (make a one-time payment or set up automatic withdrawal)
  • Self-service IVR (make a payment over the phone)
  • Mail a check to P&A Group


All group health plans are subject to COBRA. This includes medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs, Health Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, and certain Employee Assistance Plans and wellness plans.

Church and federal government health plans are exempt from COBRA. If this exemption does not apply to your business, you may be required to offer COBRA.

In the previous calendar year, if you employed 20 or more workers on more than 50% of the typical business day, then you must offer COBRA. All employees must be counted even if they do not participate in your group health coverage. Any part-time employees you have must be counted on a pro-rata basis. Independent contractors, directors or self-employed individuals are not counted.

Please note that some states have “mini-laws” about COBRA that need to be recognized.

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