Buffalo, the Queen City


Buffalo New York Skyline
Buffalo, N.Y.

Recently we were asked to name one positive thing about running a business in Western New York- one question that was a part of a larger survey presented to local businesses here in Buffalo.  It didn’t take us long to come up with a sizable list of reasons why we like being here.  As we responded to the survey, it got us thinking – how has Buffalo shaped us?

Many of you so warmly welcomed us into your lives, and we want to do the same.  For those who are interested or want to learn a little more about us, we’re opening up and sharing with you.  So, history buffs, architecture enthusiasts and all around inquiring minds – here’s a peak into our headquarters and how our city influences us.


P&A Group is located in downtown Buffalo, N.Y., a little over a mile from the shores of Lake Erie.  We’re a stone’s throw away from Canada (our “neighbors to the North”), and a 25 minute car drive will take you to some beautiful countryside in neighboring rural areas.


Buffalo is home to many architectural treasures including the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, H.H. Richardson’s Richardson Olmstead Complex, Eliel and Eero Saarinen’s Kleinhans Music Hall and more.  If you drive down main thoroughfares, like Delaware Avenue, beautiful buildings and old mansions from the late 1800s and early 1900s line the street, a reminder of Buffalo’s splendor during the height of the Pan American Exposition.

Lake Erie Canalside


The Queen City is undergoing a resurgence of growth and development, and it’s truly inspirational to see the changes taking place.  Buffalo’s medical corridor is expanding tremendously, our outer/inner harbors and waterfront are being revitalized, and retail and commercial space are populating once quieter streets.  New hotels are here to stay, tourism is increasing and more people are talking about the area.  Earlier this month, Katie Couric did an interview about Buffalo as part of the “Rebuilding America” series.


Being so close to the lake, we can be subjected to “Lake Effect Snow” and while it’s not usually that bad, we like to think it toughens us up and separates true Buffalo fans from the fair weather ones.  In some instances our weather makes the national news, and usually there’s an encompassing story about a Buffalonian who did something astonishing despite the weather.

Ice car
“Ice Car” (photo courtesy of Buffalo.com)

Most recently, you may have heard about the “ice car” in the local news, shown here.
This unlucky owner parked right next to the lake before a huge storm.  (Update:  his car has since been unfrozen.)  We are lucky to have beautiful springs and summers and this past year we had a very generously warm fall.


“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  Buffalo must be embracing this idea because prior to a new season starting (whether it’s football, hockey, you name it) we’re usually eager, excited and hopeful that this year will be our year.  One thing’s for sure – like any other city, we have a huge fan base and many people who are cheering for our hometown teams, including P&A Group.  Our kitchen is in the process of being adorned with Buffalo Bills and Sabres decorations.


Wings 2


Simply stated, we have an amazing variety of food here that is absolutely delicious.  From fine dining to food trucks, to standard chicken wing fare and the like, Buffalo offers something for everyone.  (And, we host enough food festivals here in the summer time to showcase our culinary talents.)

P&A Group has been headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y. since it opened over 40 years ago – this alone is perhaps the biggest testament to our commitment to the area, and we continue to stay here.  Whether it’s the hard work ethic of local businesses and employees, the tenacity of Western New Yorkers, or the spirit of a city that’s experiencing a renaissance, undoubtedly it is the city that helps shape our character. We are Buffalo and we’re proud to see the city reenergized.  It truly is an exciting time.

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