P&A Group’s SmartFlex Program: How to Increase FSA Participation


Many employers and employees have adapted to remote or hybrid work routines.  With more employees home, communicating with your workforce is more essential than ever, especially when your company needs to deliver important messages, like during Open Enrollment.  If you need help connecting with your employees, look no further than P&A Group’s SmartFlex program, created to help educate your employees and distribute important information- wherever they are.


P&A Group’s SmartFlex Program – What Is It?

SmartFlex is a new free e-mail marketing campaign that shares important renewal reminders, tools and timely topics with your eligible FSA participants.  The e-mail series also highlights perks for enrolling and how participants can save money.  Your employees will receive three e-mails throughout your designated Open Enrollment period with different topics and reminders.


Employer & Employee Benefits

P&A Group’s SmartFlex program helps reach employees during Open Enrollment, whether they’re back in the office or working remotely.  With the tools and tips we provide, employees will feel more confident about their enrollment. Periodic reminders provide employees with multiple touch points and help them realize their savings potential.  Employers will have one less thing to worry about during Open Enrollment – and a chance to increase their own savings!  (Remember, the more employees participate in a FSA, the greater FICA savings an employer receives.)


How to Get Started with SmartFlex

All you need to do is supply our marketing department with the e-mail addresses of your eligible employees – that’s it!  We take care of the rest.  Your employees will receive a series of three carefully crafted e-mails that highlight FSA savings, how the account works and helpful eligible expenses/changes, such as over-the-counter medications and feminine care products now being eligible.

Signing up for this free e-mail campaign is easy.   E-mail marketing@padmin.com or submit a Contact Us request and one of our account executives will contact you.

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