FSA Online Enrollment Adds Value for P&A Group Clients

Open Enrollment is often a hectic time for companies and their HR departments, so we’re all about making it easier in any way we can.  That’s why P&A offers online enrollment – at no additional cost – for your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and commuter renewal.  This secure enrollment option is available for any size company that has more than 25 eligible participants.

P&A’s online enrollment solution gives your employees more freedom when it comes to enrolling in their FSA plan – they can log in at any time and change their election amount during their open enrollment window.  It also gives employees the opportunity to make other changes to their accounts, like signing up for direct deposit and taking advantage of P&A’s text messaging features.  With the elimination of paper forms and multiple file formats, online enrollment makes it easy for your company to renew its FSA plan.


Online Enrollment Setup in 3 Easy Steps

  1. First, let your P&A renewal rep know that you want to use the online enrollment platform.
  2. Next, determine the window of dates you want online enrollment to be available to your employees.
  3. Then, we’ll provide you with a file template asking for your employees’ main demographic info.  All that’s required of you is to complete the file and upload it securely to P&A’s employer portal, HR Connect.  P&A’s online enrollment team does the rest!


Online Enrollment Advantages

  • Provides employees an easy way to re-enroll in their FSA
  • Allows employees to make their own election changes during the Open Enrollment window
  • Reduces paperwork and time spent collecting enrollment forms and processing last minute changes
  • P&A provides a secure, password protected file in HR Connect with your company’s online enrollment results


To get setup with online enrollment this Open Enrollment, contact your P&A representative or submit an inquiry to get setup.


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