Thank You from P&A Group

As I write this, the world around us is changing and yet it feels like much of our lives are temporarily paused.  The good thing about pauses, though, is that it provides time for reflection, which feels right as we approach Thanksgiving.  And so, with turkey day almost here, I’m writing to say thank you.

If you’re a client, broker, consultant, or strategic partner – thank you for putting your faith and trust in us to deliver quality service to your employees and participants – especially during a global health crisis.  We truly value your partnership and are committed to providing you with the best options for your workforce.

If you’re a participant in one of the plans we administer – we understand the importance of these benefit plans and will continue to be there to answer your questions and help you make the most of your benefit options.  P&A participants are located throughout the country – and even across an ocean – and it is a privilege to provide a service to you.  Thank you for being one of our customers.

If you’re a part of P&A’s team – thank you for your resolute diligence and positive attitude you’ve collectively displayed throughout the year.  On behalf of P&A’s executive team, we couldn’t be prouder to lead a group who has demonstrated such dedication and adaptability during this unprecedented year.  Thank you.

While the future is unknown and the present can be challenging, there is still so much to be thankful for this year.  I wish you and your families a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.

– Joseph Priselac, CEO

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