P&A Group Remittance Report for COBRA/Billing Clients


P&A Group offers online tools to help you manage your company’s benefits from anywhere.  Designed for HR and accounting professionals, P&A’s secure web portal, HR Connect, houses a variety of detailed census, premium remittance, and benefit summary reports.  Here is an overview of P&A’s Remittance Report, along with additional report options for COBRA/Billing clients.


P&A Group Remittance Report

One of the most valuable tools available to you in HR Connect is P&A Group’s Remittance Report.  The Remittance Report allows for an easy reconciliation between your COBRA population data and monthly insurance carrier invoices by capturing the payments received and what needs to be paid to the carrier(s).  It helps employers determine which COBRA members should be removed from carrier bills due to non-payment.  Please note:  If any discrepancies are ever discovered on the report, it is important you contact P&A directly within 30 days of receipt of the remittance payment.

Please click here for instructions on how to access your company’s Remittance Report from HR Connect.


Additional Helpful Reports


Census Report

Another handy report is the Census Report, which provides you with a summary of COBRA member’s information during a specific time frame.  This is also very helpful in reviewing your carriers bills for any discrepancies.


Benefits Paid Detail

Like its name suggests, this report shows the payments received per member per benefit during designated benefit periods.


Participant Invoice

The Participant Invoice Report allows you to easily search for a member’s invoice and download a copy of the invoice.


P&A Group Client/Broker Support

For permission rights to HR Connect, or to request a refresher tutorial, please contact your sales executive or dedicated P&A COBRA & Premium Billing Specialist.


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