5 Essential FSA Eligible Summer Expenses


Summer is here and we bet you can’t wait to enjoy all the fun activities that happen during this time of year. And, now that summer vacations are coming up, did you know you can use your FSA on items you may already be buying– for vacation, traveling, or just enjoying the nice weather- and save money? Yes, there are many FSA eligible expenses that can help you gear up for a fun summer. In preparation of upcoming travel you have, or just in anticipation of warmer days ahead, here are five items from P&A’s partner vendor FSA Store to help you be summer ready. All the items below are FSA eligible, so you can save money on these items when you use your pre-tax account.


FSA Eligible Summer Essentials

  1. HappiNeck – Orthopedic Neck Support  – great for road trips or airplane travel!
  2. Adventure Medical Kits World Travel – whether you’re hiking or exploring or your own city, these supplies will always come in handy.
  3. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 – prevent sun damage but still enjoy those rays.
  4. Reliefband – Nausea Relief – do you suffer from motion sickness?  Stay ahead of it with this nausea treatment technology.
  5. Eustachi – Ear Unclogger – unblock plugged ears due to swimming, allergies, or travel with this all-natural product.


FSA Store offers a large selection of discounted, pre-approved FSA eligible expenses, so you won’t have to guess if an item is eligible for reimbursement.  Use your P&A Group Benefits Card when shopping at FSA Store.  First time buyers receive $15 off their first $125 order, and all buyers receive free shipping on orders over $50.


Bonus: Save on Summer Daycare with a Dependent Daycare FSA

Health FSAs aren’t the only type of Flex Spending Account that can save you money this summer. A Dependent Daycare FSA can be used on eligible summer day camps for you child(ren), as long as your dependent is under age 13. Use the account to pay for qualifying daycare expenses and get that nice tax savings on inevitable child care costs.


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