Eligible Resources for FSA/HSA

P&A partners with leading vendors who provide healthcare solutions that are reimbursable under your FSA, HSA or unrestricted HRA.  Browse these providers to purchase eligible expenses.


FSA Store

Trusted by millions of Americans, FSAstore.com is the largest site with thousands of exclusively FSA eligible products, guaranteed.

Started in 2010, FSA Store established itself as the first direct-to-consumer ecommerce site dedicated to helping millions of Americans navigate their flexible spending accounts with zero guesswork. Find the largest selection of guaranteed eligible health and wellness products, educational content, and the web’s most comprehensive Eligibility List.  

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GoodCell empowers individuals to live longer and healthier lives with a medically actionable health technology service that uniquely screens for major illness, tracks changing genetic risk for disease over time and preserves your healthiest cells for potentially life-saving therapies.  With the rapid expansion of cellular therapeutics, the company offers the only health solution that utilizes personal genetic and biological information as well as biobanking stem cells to access for cell therapies as they become available. Committed to shaping the future of personalized health as today’s science becomes tomorrow’s medicine, GoodCell is led by a founding team of science and technology innovators with diverse research backgrounds from notable institutions such as the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Stanford University Stem Cell Institute. Learn more at goodcell.com.

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