Joseph Priselac, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

He’s the “P” in P&A, the friendly, familiar face who provides expert industry guidance to companies all over the nation. In 1975, Joe founded P&A Group, and was joined shortly thereafter by P&A President Michael Rizzo. During this time Joe earned the Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant designations. As CEO Joe travels across the country meeting with brokers and consultants, educating them on ways to effectively integrate tax-advantaged accounts into employee benefits programs. Additionally, Joe works closely with many government employers and has extensive experience helping them at the negotiating table. Joe is a member of the Organization of Public Employer Negotiators. A Buffalo Native, Joe donates to many local charities and eagerly supports the arts in Buffalo.

Joe and his wife, graduates of Michigan State University, proudly cheer for their alma mater on game days. When he’s not busy traveling, Joe enjoys sailing and spending time with his grandchildren.