Technology As an Enhancement, Not As a Replacement

As technology grows, we do our best to grow with it.  That means adapting to new mobile advancements and increasing our digital and online capabilities for our participants and clients alike.  Here’s a quick recap of some of the technology we’ve added and how it fits into P&A’s customer service model.

Mobile Website

Over the past few years we created a new mobile website (go to on your mobile phone), which enables participants to log into their account, check claim statuses and even submit claims directly from their smartphone using our QuikClaim submission feature.   We also completely revamped our standard website, and in addition to the fresh new colors and user-friendly navigation developed in our re-design, the finished site also included responsive design.  (Responsive design is the concept of developing something adaptable that can be viewed across different platforms and automatically adjusts to the device it’s being viewed on.)

Text Messaging Options

Participants can add their mobile phone number to their online P&A account profile and use the text messaging account feature by simply text a code to the number 70626.  They’ll receive a text message with specific account information based on the code they sent.

Customer Service

Customers Service on White with Golden Compass.

We offer online web chat with our customer service team (at, an especially convenient feature for participants who prefer to chat online and multitask.  We also extended our customer service hours until 10PM ET, so participants have the additional flexibility of reaching us after standard business hours.

While adding these features and continuing to do so is important, we don’t see this as a replacement for hands on, one-on-one customer service.  Dealing with a customer service agent directly who can help you remains as important as ever.  We believe customer service is about helping our clients, and that’s something that technology just can’t replace. 

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