Illinois Commuter Benefits Ordinance

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Illinois recently enacted a law encouraging public commuter transportation to and from work.  The Transportation Benefits Program Act begins January 1, 2024.  Under the Illinois Commuter Benefits Ordinance, qualified employers must offer eligible employees a pre-tax commuter benefit.


2024 Illinois Commuter Benefits Ordinance Details

Illinois employers who meet the following requirements will need to provide a pre-tax Commuter Benefits Plan:

  • Employ 50 full-time employees working in certain towns and counties listed here and who have an address within one mile of a transit service location operated by the Regional Transportation Authority.
  • Employees must work an average of 35 hours during the work week on a full-time basis. New hires will have delayed eligibility until the pay period 120 days after their hire date.


P&A Commuter Benefit Solutions

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Set Up a Commuter Plan Today

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