Flexible & Friendly, Expert & Empathetic – P&A Group’s Fresh Perspective on Employee Benefits

You’ve received the glossy brochures.  You’ve heard the sales pitch, you’ve shook hands, and you’ve received promises of lower costs, increased efficiency and less “headaches.”  Naturally, you decide to give a new vendor a chance – why not – and you sign up for a new service.  It’s too good an opportunity to miss.  Or, is it?

If you find yourself feeling like you’re one of many who has been given the same spiel, chances are you’re probably right.  What’s worse is when you change your vendor (any vendor, for that matter) and only after realize it’s a mistake.  You quickly learn ABC Company doesn’t really care about your needs; to them, you’re just a number.  But, switching vendors again seems like a DAUNTING task, so you decide to stick it out until next year.  After all, what’s another few months?

Why are you settling?  You’re better than that and you deserve more.

When you partner with P&A Group, we ask you questions so we can understand your needs.  We learn about your business and understand your pain points first, and then we come up with a solution that makes the most sense for you.   We are real people, not robots, with over 40 years of experience helping thousands of different companies (in all different industries) across the country.

Not every business is the same and we understand that.  With P&A Group, our employee benefit solutions are not one size fits all because, well, every company is different.  Ultimately, our clients’ best interests drive decision making.

Employee benefits are challenging and complicated, so let a team of dedicated experts help you.It’s time you experienced a service administered around you.

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