COBRA Open Enrollment Tips

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HR professionals often have their plates full of juggling different facets of their important roles.  On top of that, Open Enrollment can be a traditionally hectic time as companies prepare to roll out next year’s benefit options to their employees and COBRA continuants.  At P&A, we support employers however we can, whether through guided tutorials or helpful checklists.  Here, we’ve compiled a list of five COBRA Open Enrollment tips/reminders for HR teams to easily reference throughout their renewal.


1.  Confirm rate and carrier changes

Please make sure that any rate and carrier changes are properly noted and shared with P&A or your third-party administrator (TPA).  This will help ensure a smooth start to your new plan year.  Because the data we receive is shared with your COBRA continuants during Open Enrollment, it’s important COBRA members receive the most accurate and updated information.


2.  Provide new carrier contact

It’s immensely helpful that P&A or your TPA has the most updated contact information for carriers.  If you have a new insurance carrier, please provide an enrollment contact/account manager to your P&A COBRA Billing & Premium Specialist.


3.  Review group numbers

Group numbers for carriers can change, so double check all your group numbers to catch any numbers that might be changing for the new year.


4.  Provide SBC to P&A

When we receive an updated Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC), we can provide a copy to COBRA continuants so they can make educated decisions on their plans.


5.  Confirm state extensions

If you have any state extensions, please notify P&A or your TPA.


COBRA Open Enrollment: Next Steps


If you have changes you need to provide to P&A, please contact your P&A Premium and Billing Specialist.  To log into your secure employer portal, HR Connect, to review data and generate reports, click here.


P&A’s advice for Open Enrollment success is delivered with over 45 year of experience, growing and learning.   Interested in P&A’s COBRA Administration Services?  Learn more and see how we can help.

P&A COBRA Administration Services

P&A COBRA Administration Services

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