Celebrate National Employee Benefits Day (NEBD)


Mark your calendars benefit professionals, for today is National Employee Benefits Day!  For many of us in the employee benefits field, every day may seem like NEBD, but today is set aside especially to “recognize trustees, administrators, benefit practitioners and professional advisors for their dedication to providing quality benefits and the important role they plan in their colleagues’ well-being.” 

The employee benefits field is multifaceted and can be challenging at times, but to be able to help so many clients, brokers and participants is extremely rewarding.  Changing regulations, health care reform, payroll issues, and COBRA penalties are just some of the pains benefit professionals face, but with access to the right tools and the right benefits administrator, these challenges can be overcome with solutions.

At the P&A Group, our priority is to provide solutions for the daily pains our clients, brokers and HR professionals face.  In the benefits field, while we don’t have a tangible off-the-shelf product we can give our clients, what we can offer is customer service, knowledge, experience and technology.  What really sets us apart is our invaluable team of dedicated benefits professionals, ready and eager to help each client.  We understand that each company is unique and has different needs, and we work diligently to provide the best solutions for each individual group.

Today, we want to thank everyone who comprises the employee benefits industry.  From our staff to clients, to HR professionals and competitors alike – navigating the benefits field is no easy task, and today you deserve to be recognized for your dedication and commitment to the benefits community.  Thank you for your service to the field.  To our P&A employees (Pandas), thank you especially for continually setting the bar high with your innovation, enthusiasm and resolve.

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