John Puglisi

Manager, New York Metropolitan Area

John has been providing pre tax benefit solutions (FSA, HRA, Transit, Parking and COBRA) for over 14 years. His philosophy of putting the client first has allowed him to provide solutions to some of the largest public and private corporations in the New York City area. John believes employee satisfaction is not only the greatest goal, but is the center of any client solution. His expertise in the field continually leads to increased enrollment and provides significant tax savings to both the employer and employee.

Prior to working in the benefit administration industry, John provided enterprise wide computer solutions in the banking, financial and manufacturing marketplace. This background has enabled him to bridge the gap between IT Departments and the employers’ requirements, allowing for innovative solutions and increased customer satisfaction.

John holds a degree in Economics and Finance from St. John’s University. He grew up on Long Island and currently resides in Queens, New York. He is an “expert” on the history of baseball and football.