Individual Premium Reimbursement Account

If you have insurance coverage that isn’t provided by your employer, you may qualify for an Individual Premium Reimbursement Account. The program will allow you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for dental or vision insurance premiums for you, your spouse, or your eligible dependents.

Substantial Tax Savings

Because the money is deducted from your pay before taxes, you save 30-40% on your dollar (depending on your tax bracket). For example, to take home $400 of post-tax money, you would need to earn about $520, but by using a Individual Premium Reimbursement FSA, your money is deducted from your paycheck pre-tax. So to set aside $400 in the FSA, you only need to make $400. 

Eligible Expenses

Employer-sponsored insurance or policies purchased through an exchange are not eligible for reimbursement. The following are types of expenses that may qualify for your Individual Premium Reimbursement Account:

  • Individual dental/vision premiums
  • Accident/disability premiums
  • Cancer insurance premiums
  • Hospital indemnity coverage

How to Get Reimbursed 

  • QuikClaim on Mobile Website - Submit a claim and supporting documentation of your eligible expense directly from your smartphone. Log into your account on your mobile device.
  • Online Claim Upload- After making a purchase, log in to your My Benefits account and click Upload Claim/Documentation under the Member Tools tab.  
  • Fax- submit a claim form via toll-free fax at (877) 855-7105.
  • Mail- mail a claim form to P&A Group, 17 Court Street Suite 500, Buffalo, NY 14202. 

When submitting a claim you must include a copy of your insurance statement. To receive reimbursement faster, sign up for direct deposit to have your money directly deposited into your designated checking or savings account.